MAKE your own TIME

DIY clock kit
שעון רקמה_לילך גרינבלט_צילום-אסף אוסטרובסקי (4).jpg
שעון רקמה_לילך גרינבלט_צילום-אסף אוסטרובסקי (1).jpg
protfolio clock 3.jpg
MAKE your own TIME
February 2014

A D.I.Y kit that gives the user a chance  to express his creativity and gives pecial meaning to an every - day object.

The initial design is very minimalist (only three lines) , and the user can choose to keep it that way, or make is own design on it. Inspiridby a nostalgic craft; hand embroidery and translated in a current, updated, clean look.

Lilach Greenblatt 2014 

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