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Studio project for LEXUS Israel
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June 2012

Simplicity. Technology. Motion. That's FLUX in 3 words.

A folding electric vehicle for the urban life.

Seating in the car, seating in a business meeting, seating next to the computer.  Our body needs to move. Moving keeps us alert, sensitive, intuitive. When using FLUX you are moving your entire body to steer it. By moving your weight and changing your balance you control the vehicle and react with the constantly changing street. You become aware of yourself and your surroundings; you're a part of a moving breathing system- the city.

Motion was the main inspiration for my design- FLUX is a folding electric vehicle for the urban environment as a Substitute or as an additional transportation to a privet car.

Aluminum pressing- the manufacturing technique was another source of inspiration. Using aluminum has many benefits- light weight, recyclability and most important ability to take on complex shell like forms that contain the technical parts inside and provides the user the sense of protective armor around him

Getting around should be easy and comfortable, simplicity of use, when driving, folding up and taking it up the stairs was the essence in encouraging users to leave their cars at home and use an eco friendly, comfortable vehicle.

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