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Studio project, Exploring the idea of what it means to be home
protfolio mekomi couch 1.jpg
protfolio mekomi couch 4.jpg
protfolio mekomi couch 3.jpg
protfolio mekomi couch 2.jpg
protfolio mekomi table 1.jpg
January 2013

Testing and changing the relationship between furniture and people with an emphasis on the home environment. I've been exploring the concept of "feeling at home". MEKOMI is my answer to an everyday gesture of "nesting" and “probing” to find that sweet spot of joy and comfort, the feeling you get from simply being HOME.

The couch enables you to find your place in it, by expanding the relationship between people and their furniture to more than just sitting, and make room for you in new ways. 

The coffee table relates to the "souvenirs" we give and receive to and from our furniture, it reverse “memento” between the legs and the surface.


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